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The Home of Tecnomar EVO

Every Tecnomar EVO Yacht is built by hand at our state-of-the-art headquarters in Italy.

You can reach us at the below contact info for brochure request, model and general queries and Tecnomar EVO Boutique collection purchases, Or visit one of our Tecnomar EVO Sales Centers.

European Headquarters:

The Italian Sea Group

Viale Colombo, 4bis

54033 Marina di Carrara (MS) - Italy

Tel. +39 0585 5062 - Fax +39 0585 506250


Americas Headquarters:

Tecnomar EVO Americas Inc.

2300 East Las Olas Boulevard

Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301 USA

Tel: +1 954 237 3400


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We have a dedicated Customer Care Relations team ready to speak with you, wherever you are.

The Americas

+1 954 237 3400



+39 0585 5062


Tecnomar EVO Americas


Flexibility in interpreting the diverse taste of the Owners from regions of the world very different from each other and witnesses the different cultural approaches.

Tecnomar EVO Americas


Interiors based on the use of materials both natural and high-tech, high-quality in their essence and enhanced by the accurate attention in the design details.

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