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Tecnomar Evo is

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• Exclusivity • Heritage • Luxury • Design •

The Tecnomar mission is to constantly bring the values above to the forefront of advanced technology and construction methods in order to provide our clients the gift of new emotion, as we have done for each of the 284 yachts launched since 1987.

The Tecnomar EVO fleet continues to enhance through the brand new sport series, featuring the EVO 55.

Tecnomar Evo Style Center

Propel Yourself Into Modern Luxury

A full immersion of modern grandeur, from Italian marble finishes to panoramic Owner’s Cabin views. Modern preferences deliver matchless performance in technology, lighting and sound, with each EVO bred to the magnitude and splendor of a vessel much larger. The Tecnomar EVO series also offers a refined selection of colors, finishes and fabrics hand selected by our global team of stylists and designers to fit every style palate. With EVO, luxury is sleek, purposed and productive. Available options include Bower & Wilkins interior/exterior sound system, curved LED televisions, Apple TV, universal dual-iPad controls & 4G/LTE capabilities.

EVO 55 Interiors

Timeless Elegance Meets Modern Design

A successful marriage of function and style, pairing efficient engineering and bold color. The Tecnomar EVO is setting the precedent for ultra-luxury day cruising while flaunting amenities for your weekend getaway. Walk-around accessibility provides comfortable travel to the ship’s bow sunning area, while choice layouts offer up to six berths and two full bathrooms.

EVO 55 Interiors

Compelling Excellence in Craftmanship

Smooth lines. Soft edges. Strict standards. Strong finishes. As we progress into a new age of watersport, the next chapter in a deep history of Italian design and detail is being written. The EVO seduces each of your senses, inspiring new emotion through progressively engineered performance, hand-made finishes and fluid design.

Style Center by Tecnomar Evo Yachts

Bred from Prestigious Italian Heritage

Lineage has forever teased the story of the future. The Italian Sea Group has championed various concepts in watercraft, architecture, art and cuisine, continuing its navigation into tomorrow with the EVO series, a timeless fusion of luxury and sportsmanship. Notes of ISG’s treasured history are on display through intuitive full-ship electronic controls, precision upholstery detailing, top-line appliances and efficient space utilization.

Tecnomar Evo Pure Style

Savor Exclusivity

With 285 yachts produced since 1987, each piece of the Tecnomar fleet is intelligently designed and thoughtfully assembled in Marina di Carrara, Italy. This rate of exclusivity requires unique vision, perpetual accomplishment, and undisputed power. Only few are capable of the Tecnomar EVO. Only few have earned the right.

Amazing Yacht Evo interiors

Powerful Performance.

Our ergonomic helm design commands respect, embracing IPS joystick controls alongside dual thruster throttles, an available 1,800 horsepower, and all adjustment options available via one central touchscreen. Simple yet strapping. Expectations are no match for the performance standards of the Tecnomar EVO series. Engines — Twin Volvo IPS 950 Engines | 1,500 horsepower Option — Twin Volvo IPS 1200 Engines | 1,800 horsepower Volvo IS600 electro-hydraulic automatic trim tab

Tecnomar Evo Yacht interior

Champions of Entertainment, Art & Cuisine

The Italian Sea Group earns its name through various accomplishments across a breadth of luxury industries. A world-renowned art collection populates our Italian headquarters, alongside a Michelin-starred restaurant. Our ships are conceived by a variety of stylists and designers to provide clients with a product that stands the test of trend and time.

Tecnomar Evo Headquarters

One of a kind Sportsmanship

With Tecnomar EVO, your yacht becomes your destination, no matter where you travel. Yet no matter the purpose, our values fulfill your every desire from pleasure to performance. A specially crafted composite hull and superstructure realize the journey, whether to brunch or Bimini.

Tecnomar EVO

Now Is The Time.

The fusion of our core values bring Tecnomar’s first open sport series yacht, hand made just for you.

In the perspective of the Brand replacing, structures and offices have been renewed and enlarged, the seriousness of the company is strengthened by a deep management renewal, while quality and product exclusiveness, as well as the entire engineering process, have been consolidated by the introduction of innovative industrial processes uncommon in the boating sector.

Tecnomar EVO 55 HardTop